Money Management

Poker Money Management Tips

The following online gambling systems are useful for money management when betting online.

Positive progression betting systems: These types of money management systems are where you increase your bet when you win. Also known as ‘let it ride’. These types of systems are the favorite of many casino gambling players mostly because they do not require a large bank roll. They are usually used to take advantage of winning streaks.

Negative progression betting system: These types of money management systems are where you increase the bet win you lose. These systems require a larger bank roll. They are mostly used to force a winning outcome after a losing streak. Most casino gambling players consider these types of systems to be very risky and nerve wracking. Avoid them if you can.

Insurance betting systems: These types of money management systems are when you decrease the amount of your bet when you win, usually following a high initial bet or even when following short ‘let it ride’ progressive wins. This type of system is playing it safe.

While there are many different money management systems players can use that are geared towards specific casino games. We at Gambling PhD also want to provide you with a few simple and general guidelines that you can apply to many poker games.

– Substandard players will with out a doubt lose their money no matter what they do. Suitable players will have an amount they expect to win hourly whether they quit after after they achieve goal or not.

– If you play fewer hours by stopping when you are ahead of the game is not always the correct strategy.

– If you are playing your best in a really good game, you want to stay in the game unless you have somewhere else you have to be.

– And if you are playing in a bad game, get out immediately whether you are winning or not.

– If for any reason you are not feeling well, stressed-out, or upset emotionally, you should not be playing. You are very likely to make rash and poor decisions in this situation and your untimely mistakes will most definitely catch up to you and your game play.

If Thoughts have Mass can they influence the real world? (And Make you Rich)

The Background:

Noetic Sciences explores how on a quantum level we are affected and affect the world. This is a fascinating area of science and seeks to answer fundamental questions like – do thoughts have mass? So fascinating is this field that it is being used in bestseller books and movies. Just look at the new Dan Brown Book – The lost Symbol.

Thought mass

The Theory that thoughts have mass goes as follows: When a person thinks of something this brain activity is made up of electrical impulses. This Brain activity (electrical Impulses – or anything else) is then measured using ultra sensitive devices that measure minute changes in mass. Many People believe that they have proved thoughts have Mass in line with Einstein’s theories.

Can Thoughts then influence the Real World?

Many people around the world have come across unexplained phenomenon. E.g. I’m sure we have all heard of the lady who had an inoperable cancerous tumour – she focused on imagining it getting smaller and smaller every day until it eventually disappeared. Did her thoughts impact the tumour and make her healthy? Such thought healing is referred to as Quantum Healing.

It is this same theory that says thoughts (which have mass) can therefore have a real impact on the world. Something with mass can alter the real world! It is the underlying fundamental force in the universe we live in, the Theory of Relativity.

Dan Brown the lost symbolAnother great example is the home ground advantage at sports games. Is it the feeling of being at home that makes players play better – or is it all the supports in the crowd willing a certain result, creating millions of the same thoughts which add up to a lot off mass and influence the outcome in a very real way?Noetic Sciences

There are so many of these examples that we could fill a phonebook with them. Just think of all the miracle healing in Churches full of people willing someone to be healed.  Such Quantum Healing is well documented. Could it be real?

Get Rich using your thoughts to beat the Casino.

This is one to add to the casino myths out there. Can a group of people gather around a Casino Slot Machine and through there thoughts alter the random number generator, influencing the result of a slot machine spin? This may be well worth a try considering all the new unexplained evidence out there that says thoughts can influence the real world on a Quantum Level.

As the evidence in Noetic Science piles up will gambling operators start taking the threat seriously? Or is it something to laugh at as an unproven hoax?

Noetic Science and thoughts influencing online casinos has got so much attention that real experiments are taking place to ensure the safety of online casino random number generator. The experiment with online casinos, quantum physics and Noetic Science has got so much interest that a date is set for the first public test of its kind with rigorous scientific testing involved. On the 31st of July 2010 the question may be answered in a one of a kind experiment. Results will be posted on Slot Seeker as soon as they are public.

This is something that Online Casinos around the world have picked up on and are most probably franticly testing as we speak to ensure the integrity of the random number generator and prevent online reel rigging before they get cleaned out by a warehouse full of people thinking about the same result on an online slot game. It could take online slot rigging to a whole new level.

online Casino Reel Rigging Then gather all your friends around the world and ask them to think about what you want to see the reels display on the slot machine all at the same time. The results may scare the crap out of you, may make you rich or may make you waste few minutes of your life in a funny experiment.

If you want to be an amateur Noetic Science buff and prove that thoughts have mass and can influence the world around us then give it a go and tell the world your amazing story. (And get Rich while you do it). Help move this thought theory from Dan Brown Fiction to Oxford University Fact.

Good Luck!